THE CZECH ART OF GLASS Association is the marketing platform of the Czech glass and glass jewellery-making industry. The companies, unions, schools and institutions which have come together on this platform seek to look for solutions of their shared problems regarding creative advancement, development of production and trade, and particularly support of exports and employment.

Special attention will be focused on handcrafted production, added creative value of work and its popularization.

Absolutely essential is the care devoted to glassmaker training, education and future of the entire branch, as well as acknowledgment of major creative, educational and innovative initiatives which significantly contribute to enhancing the prestige of the Czech glassmaking art. The goal of the Association is to become the upholder of the thousand-year tradition of succession, and representative of the standard of modern, high-quality Czech glass and glass jewellery-making industry. Its important ambition is to reinstate the position which this industry held in the past, and renew its status as one of the icons of promoting the Czech Republic brand abroad. The Association will direct its efforts at ensuring that the glass and glass jewellery-making industry becomes a natural, permanent and important part of Czech culture and its presentation in the Czech Republic and abroad.