is the name of the Association´s project in support of the Czech glass and glass jewellery-making industry and presentation of the Czech Republic abroad, with special focus on Prague and the traditional centres of glass and glass jewellery-making production.
The project differs from a number of other existing events connected with the presentation of glass products, including jewellery, in many respects. The standard exhibitions and fairs, in which glass and jewellery-making firms rticipate in Frankfurt, Milan or Paris, are individual presentations, mostly promoting separate products and a single company brand.

CONCERTO GLASSICO is a comprehensive, coordinated, sectoral presentation of the Czech glass and glass jewellery-making industry in all its contexts.
Unlike designer or artistic presentations of narrow focus, its orientation is markedly pro-business and pro-export, with marketing tools projected into specific commercial activities and direct sale support. The project is devised in such a way as to offer a database of contacts, by means of its interactive tools and use of AV technologies, and facilitate market and consumer demand research.
Apart from specific offer of glass chandeliers and glass jewellery with a high added value and a large share of handiwork, the character of the project is prestigious, as it presents history and traditions, examples of unique creative work, and other instruments which help to rediscover and build on the prestige and image of Czech glass and jewellery (fringe events, lectures on the theme of glass in architecture, presentation of artistic glassmaking techniques, fashion shows of costume jewellery etc.)

Since the core of the project presentation is Czech glass and glass jewellery as the country´s traditional icons, CONCERTO GLASSICO is an ideal tool supporting also tourism and the promotion of the Czech Republic by its Government.

Toskansky palacConcerto Glassico - Tuscany palace, 3.6. – 28.8.2016

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