Glasstec 2020

Our Mission

  • Supporting handcrafted glass production, pro-export policy and employment.
  • Establishing cooperation between and among members of the Association, and representing their interests in relation to public administration institutions.
  • Mustering the support of the public administration bodies in the areas of export and activities abroad.
  • Establishing contacts on the priority and target markets of Czech Republic´s exports, benefiting all parties involved.
  • Forwarding the Association´s projects as a part of the economic and cultural promotion of the Czech Republic.
  • Coordinating the procedures of the Association members, preparing and implementing collective strategies stemming from the strategies of the individual members.
  • Supporting creative development and education, increasing the glass-makers´ qualifications and taking care of their training.
  • Promoting and protecting the traditional handcrafting sector, as a part of Czech culture and the creative industries in the Czech Republic.
  • Providing information, specialist services, know-how and consultancy to the Association members in all fields of their activities, especially as concerns access to foreign markets.
  • Proposing awards for major creative, educational and innovative initiative, and popularizing them.

Our Vision

Making sure that within 5 to 10 years, Czech glass, chandeliers and glass jewellery will resume the prestigious positions which they held in the past. Creating the perception of Czech (Bohemian) glass, chandeliers and glass jewellery as exquisite, much-demanded products which will satisfy even the most fastidious clients and are an expression of excellent craftsmanship, creativity, modernity of style and irreplaceable, specific cultural heritage. In our country and abroad, raising awareness of the Association as an elite grouping which represents the best that the Czech glassmaking and jewellery industry can offer, a guarantor of supreme quality moulded by creative resourcefulness, high craftsmanship, business talent and state-of-the-art production background.