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THE APPLIED ARTS SECONDARY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL OF GLASSMAKING IN VALAŠSKÉ MEZIŘÍČÍ founded in 1944, builds upon the long tradition of glassmaking in Moravia. Originally a glassmaking apprentice school, in the 1990s it attained the status of art school exceeding the dimension of a traditional educational establishment. In the past fifteen years, its character changed considerably. While in the past it trained its students mainly in the traditional glassmaking vocations, now it focuses on glass design, and offers new specializations, for instance applied painting, industrial design, shape and graphic design of packaging and artistic stained glass creation. In terms of specialization, the structure of the school pursues three basic artistic trends – glassmaking – design – painting.
Through its own projects, the school directly participates in the research and development of new glassmaking technologies and their application in glassmaking firms. With its programmes and out-of-school activities, its offers a technical background which belongs to the best in the Czech Republic. It builds upon and develops contacts with higher secondary and university-level schools of both artistic and technical orientation in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The local GLASS CENTRE chemical and technological laboratory has been collaborating for more than fifteen years with scientific institutions and glassmaking firms in many EU countries. Glass design opens further space for cooperation with the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, in the fields of technology, design and grant projects.
With the unmatched background provided by its studio-type glasswork, finishing workshops, studios of painting, design and glass, it represents a unique institution which contributes to raising the quality of art schooling in the Czech Republic.
The College is holder of the CZECH 100 BEST award. From 2008, it is included in ASPnet UNESCO. Its art studios significantly influence the cultural development of the region, the exhibitions and competitions of works by its teachers and students successfully represent the town of Valasšské Meziříčí and the Zlín Region at international level.
The present status and activities of the school are a beautiful example of apprentices becoming masters. Its best graduates return as teachers and artists, making their new dreams come true.

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Glass-maker Vocational Training School in Valašské Meziříčí