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Arts help to preserve our culture, tradition and customs. They make it possible for us to widen the limits of dexterity and knowledge. They increase our prestige abroad. They enrich our life, serve and entertain us. Let´s perpetuate the tradition of the glassmaking art, our family silver! Let´s not allow the art of glassmaking to perish, and the traditional techniques be reduced to museum exhibits.

In the Glassmaking Art Centre – František Glasswork in Sázava, we present the IGS (International Glass Symposium) glass collection focused on the current artistic glassmaking output. We organize glassmaking courses and international residential training for the a wide public, including educational programmes for different age categories.

In our Glassmaking Art Centre, we provide glassmaking artists, craftsmen and pedagogues with opportunities for teaching and mentoring activities, use of the Centre´s technical background for the presentation of their works and active participation in discussions, lectures and conferences.

An important feature of the Glassmaking Art Centre is orientation on elementary schools with the purpose of spark off the pupils´ interest in the glassmaking craft, and promotion of the existing glassmaking schools.

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