CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE has been making clear, gilded and coloured cased Bohemian crystal since 1861, when the glassworks in Josefov was founded by the Viennese glass merchant Josef Schreiber. CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE was established as a joint-stock company in 1994. It adopted the (Latin version of) the name of the glassworks´ last private owners, the Císař brothers (hence Caesar), to demonstrate that its present owners avow the bequest of their predecessors.
CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE specializes in coloured cased crystal ware with 24 % content of PbO, handmade by combining a layer of clear crystal with one of coloured crystal. This production process represents the peak of handcrafting possibilities, and only the most skilled glassmakers are able to master it. Thanks to the multitude of décor and colours as well as first-rate quality, the glassworks is considered unique on a global scale.
The company´s output comprises a wide gamut of shapes, from vases, bowls, plates , lidded jars and glasses to lamps, chandelier elements and trophies. Blending old, time-tested traditions with supremely modern décors designed by renowned artists results in extraordinarily noble crystal beauty, peculiar to the place of its origin.

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