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Sklostroj Turnov CZ  is an engineering company which has been specializing in the production of hot end container glass lines for 70 years. We believe in glass as the best and healthiest packaging material - today and for the next generations. We do our best to manufacture container glass as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. Our mission is to provide precision machines with a hot heart.

Sklostroj was established in 1950 and privatized in 1994. Today Sklostroj has approximately 200 employees and 95% of the sales volume is exported. In 2020 we celebrate our 70th anniversary. The headquarter is located in Turnov, right in center of the beautiful Bohemian Paradise.

Our competence are complete hot end lines. We produce IS machines, timing and drive systems, standalone systems such as pushers, stackers, feeders, shears, gob distributors and other related products and services. We are equipped with high-precision metal processing machines to deliver top quality for entire production machines, components and parts.

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Sklostroj Turnov