Glassworks Jilek is one of the oldest glass factories in Central Europe. The factory was built in 1905 and since then has became one of the leading partners in glass production for domestic and foreign clientele. Jilek factory boasts a large scope of different glassmaking techniques preserving the skill and art of handmade production. The factory specialises in a small-batch and medium size production of glassware (hundreds to a few thousand units) and also offers its own range of glass products.

Our main customers are wholesalers, retailers, interior designers and architects catering to ever-increasing design and quality needs of their customers. The options for bespoke production in our factory are endless. We are sought after because of our extensive selection of metal moulds with patterns and a large number of pot colours available which we melt in our furnaces. The pot colours offer the highest grade of coloured glass quality and their transparency, brilliance and optical qualities are unmatchable.

We believe in hard work and strive for unparalleled level of service and quality building on the legacy of our forefathers.

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