Logo Studio Žampach

The studio was founded in 1990 by Stanislav Žampach, and currently holds a firm position on the market thanks to constant innovations. The artist´s distinctive handwork and first-rate design, together with perfect craftsmanship, are typical features of the "Žampach Studio" output which will not escape notice. Our strategy is to develop techniques with which we work differently than is usual, and shift the limits of what´s still possible at all. Therefore we have raised sand blasting , once an ordinary, marginal technique of decoration used in glassworks, to the level of an art discipline. We like combining it with other methods, and therefore our assortment includes products where sand-blasted relief is combined with polishing or even tin. This is the situation "today", and as for "tomorrow", we hope that we´ll be a step farther again.


Studio Žampach